School Holiday Camps

Deca Discovery

Discover all Decathlon events over the course of a day.

Next 2022 dates :

Monday 17/01/22 or Thursday 27/01/22


Camp runs from 9:00am – 4:30pm 

Where: Narrabeen track


What to bring: Morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, water bottle, hat, sunscreen


Cost: $85 + $6.5 for track access token


100m, long jump, shot put, high jump, 400m

50m hurdles, discus, pole vault, javelin, 800m

All events are adapted to children and equipment modified accordingly.



100 meter sprint. The most popular event! Learn how to use starting blocks and test your maximum speed. World Record: 9″58


Pole vault. The most spectacular event. Experience the excitement of being transported by a pole. World record: 6.18m, higher than a two story house!


Shot put. Test out your power and throw the heavy ball as far as you can. World record: 23.12m with a 7.260kg shot!


400 meters. A full lap on the track, a very difficult event for the braves. World record: 43″03


Discus throw. Originated in ancient Greece, this event is much more complex than it looks like. World record: 74.08m, 3/4 of a standard soccer field.


Javelin throw. Imagine you are a hunter throwing a speer. World record: 98.48m, almost as far as the 100m run.



High Jump. Tranferring your weight from horizontal to vertical is not easy. Learn a few tricks to touch the stars. World record: 2.45m, higher than a standard ceiling.


Hurdles. This event requires huge balance and agility to run over the obstacles over and over again. World record for 110m hurdles: 12″80


Long jump. Run up and land as far as possible, almost like flying… World record: 8.95m


Middle distance run. After an eventful day, use what’s left in you to run an 800m. World record 1500m: 3’26″00